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The OV798 is a highly integrated, low power and fast boot up camera video processor aimed at battery-operated, smart home monitoring camera applications. The OV798 reduces system integration cost with more embedded image processing functions, as well as more embedded peripherals. It also supports various types of DDR SDRAM in order to accommodate power/speed requirements for different applications. The OV798 runs efficiently and consumes low power. A sophisticated boot up mechanism wakes up the OV798 quickly and starts recording video once it is triggered.

The OV798 supports three camera interfaces. It supports a MIPI receiver, a dedicated DVP input port, and a shared DVP input port. The MIPI receiver can be configured as four single-lane receivers, two dual-lane receivers, or one 4-lane receiver.

The OV798 has an embedded advanced image signal processor (ISP) that supports 1080p full HD video or still pictures of up to 16 megapixels. In addition to RGB raw image sensors, the ISP also supports RGB-Ir and HDR image sensors.

The OV798 implements an advanced video engine to achieve high performance video recording at up to 1080p resolution. The engine is capable of recording dual video streams of up to one 1080p video stream and one 720p video stream. Along with an embedded audio engine and depending on audio formats, the OV798 also records and decodes the audio stream.

The OV798 supports a 2-lane MIPI transmitter, DVP output, or BT1120 output.

The OV798 combines various parallel and serial peripheral interfaces including a storage card interface, serial interface, serial audio interface, SCCB interface, UART interface, DDR-SDRAM interface, and USB device and host interfaces with embedded PHY.