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The OV7740 (color) CameraChip™ sensor is a low power, high sensitivity VGA CMOS image sensor that provides the full functionality of a single-chip VGA camera in a small footprint.

Using OMNIVISION’s proprietary OmniPixel®3-HS technology, the 1/5-inch OV7740 boasts a best-in-class low light sensitivity of 6.0 V/lux-sec, making it ideal for integrated notebook cameras, as well as stand-alone PC webcams, security and gaming applications.

The OV7740 can operate at 30 frames per second (fps) in VGA resolution and 60 fps in QVGA resolution with complete user control over image quality, formatting and output data transfer. It supports a digital video parallel port, and provides full-frame, sub-sampled, windowed or scaled 8-bit/10-bit RAW RGB and 8-bit YUV images.

All required image processing functions including exposure control, gamma, white balance, color saturation, hue control, defective pixel canceling, noise canceling, etc., are programmable through the serial camera control bus (SCCB) interface.

In addition, the OV7740 uses proprietary technology to improve image quality by reducing or eliminating common lighting/electrical sources of image contamination, such as fixed pattern noise and smearing, to produce a clean and fully stable color image.

For storage purposes, the OV7740 also includes one-time programmable (OTP) memory.