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OMNIVISION’s OG02B1B (monochrome) and OG02B10 (color) are global shutter image sensors designed to cost-effectively enable a wide range of consumer and industrial machine vision applications such as AR/VR headsets and accessories, industrial automation, robotics, agricultural drones and 3D modeling. These sensors provide designers with best-in-class resolution and the option for full-color imaging, and both have a 15 degree chief ray angle (CRA) to support wide field-of-view lens designs. This combination of color imaging and CRA is excellent for applications such as agricultural drones that must capture high-resolution color images for crop and field monitoring.

Available in a 1/2.9 inch optical format, the OG02B1B and OG02B10 capture 2 megapixel or 1600 x 1300 resolution images and video at 60 frames per second (fps) using advanced 3 x 3 micron OmniPixel®3-GS pixel technology. This global shutter technology eliminates motion artifacts and blurring, and dramatically improves low-light sensitivity. Additionally, both sensors’ excellent near infrared (NIR) sensitivity at 850 nm and 940 nm helps reduce device power consumption to extend battery life.

OMNIVISION Announces Cost-Effective, High-Resolution Global Shutter Image Sensors for Machine Vision Applications