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Join us at the Upcoming Global Medical Events
OmniVision’s OmniPixel®3-GS features global shutter technology and near-infrared image detection.
  • Global Shutter Technology
    OmniVision’s OmniPixel®3-GS simultaneously exposes all pixels and reads them out line-by-line for steady, high-speed imaging.
  • Near-Infrared Sensing
    Near-infrared sensing in OmniPixel®3-GS enables high sensitivity to near-infrared light for effective zero-light imaging.
  • OmniPixel® Architecture
    OmniPixel®3-GS leverages proven OmniPixel® technology, an industry standard for image quality, feature sets and compact size.

OmniVision’s OmniPixel®3-GS technology captures moving objects, even at high speeds, without creating spatial distortion.
Best-in-Class Performance
Automotive driver-monitoring systems can utilize global shutter technology to synchronize active illumination. OmniVision’s OmniPixel®3-GS uses global shutter technology to capture and transmit high-speed images for accurate reproductions, regardless of the speed of motion.

Captures Images Invisible to Humans
Image sensors are sensitive to near-infrared light, which is outside the spectrum that can be seen with the human eye. OmniVision’s OmniPixel®-GS technology offers best-in-class NIR sensitivity to enable effective applications like eye tracking for computer vision.

OmniPixel®3-GS targets automotive, AR/VR, and surveillance applications.