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OV32C First RGBC 32MP Image Sensor with Always-on Capability for Front Facing Mobile Phone Cameras
RGBC CMOS 32‑Megapixel (6528 x 4896) Image Sensor with PureCel®Plus‑S Technology
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First RGBC 32MP Image Sensor with Always‑on Capability for Front Facing Mobile Phone Cameras

OMNIVISION’s OV32C is a 32MP image sensor with a compact 1/3.2‑inch optical format—the ideal performance/size ratio for next-generation front-facing mobile phone “selfie” cameras. RGBC technology is built into the sensor to provide the highest quality images in challenging lighting conditions, as well as providing a 50% boost in overall sensitivity to enhance low-light image quality. The OV32C’s low power modes can help enable “always‑on” user experiences by facilitating artificial intelligence (AI) processing to automate many of the common tasks of the camera, such as face detection, QR code scans, etc.

The OV32C is built on OMNIVISION’s highly successful 0.7 µm PureCel®Plus‑S pixel technology that provides the ability to squeeze 32MP into a 1/3.2‑inch OF. RGBC technology uses a 4‑cell color filter pattern with clear pixels and on-chip RGBC-to-Bayer fusion, reducing design complexity for OEMs with an on-chip RGBC-to-Bayer fusion algorithm, therefore, a separate RGBC processing unit isn’t required. The overall user experience is enhanced with the OV32C so that users have fast access to their camera functionality at all times. Additionally, the sensor’s low power modes help enable “always‑on” features optimizing the phone’s back-end AI applications, minimizing power and data rate usage.

The sensor supports CPHY and DPHY interfaces and can output 15 frame rates per second (fps) at 32MP, or 30 fps at 8MP with on-chip fusion, for premium video and image quality. The OV32C also offers dual DOVDD support at 1.8 and 1.2 volts.

November 9, 2021: OMNIVISION Announces Its First RGBC Sensor with Always‑on Capability for Front Facing Mobile Phone Cameras

Automatic black level calibration (ABLC)

Programmable controls for:
– Frame rate
– Mirror and flip
– Binning
– Cropping
– Windowing

Support for dynamic defect pixel cancellation (DPC)

Supports output formats:
– 10-bit 4C RGBC RAW
– 10-bit Bayer RAW
– 10-bit Bayer + clear RAW

Supports typical images sizes:
– 6528 x 4896
– 3264 x 2448
– 1632 x 918
– 1920 x 1080
– 1280 x 720

Supports ambient light sensor (ALS) mode: 8-bit clear RAW

Supports ultra low power (ULP) mode: 8-bit clear RAW

4-lane MIPI D-PHY TX interface with speed up to 3.0 Gbps/lane

2/3 trio C-PHY interface, up to 3.0 Gsps/trio

Standard serial SCCB interface

4-cell RBGC support:
– 4-cell RGBC binning
– 4-cell RGBC full
– On-chip 4-cell RGBC fusion

Three on-chip phase lock loops (PLLs)

Programmable I/O drive capability

Dual I/O power supply (1.2V/1.8V)

Built-in temperature sensor

0.702 μm pixel

  • Spec
  • Analog / Digital
  • Category
    Above 13MP
  • CFA (Chroma)
  • Frame Rate
    Full @ 15 fps
  • Image Area
    4605.12 x 3459.456 μm
  • Interface
  • Optical Format
  • Output Format
    10-bit 4C RGBC RAW for 32MP, 10-bit Bayer and clear RAW output for 8/2MP, 8-bit clear RAW for ULP mode
  • Package
    COB, RW
  • Pixel Size
    0.702 µm
  • Power Requirement
    Active: 450 mW (8+8MP with RGBC fusion @ 30 fps), XSHUTDOWN: <10 µA
  • Resolution
  • Shutter Type
    Rolling Shutter
  • Technology
  • Use Case
    Still and Video Capturing - Front facing selfie camera, Still Image / Video Camera - Front facing selfie camera, Still Image / Video Camera - Secondary main camera (Ultrawide, Still Image / Video Camera - Selfie camera, Still Image / Video Camera - Telephoto camera, Still Image / Video Camera - Wide angle camera, Still Image / Video Camera - World facing camera
  • Operating Temperature
    -30°C to +85°C