CMOS 2 Megapixel (1920x1080) Image Sensor with PureCel®Plus‑S Technology
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OmniVision’s OV02C is a 1/7-inch, 2 megapixel image sensor for full high definition (HD) video performance in thin bezel premium notebooks, tablets and IoT devices. The OV02C is a full-featured image sensor that combines superior video performance and ultra-low power in a miniature size for high screen-to-body ratio designs. The sensor combines smaller pixel size and high resolution in the smallest form factor, enabling the most vivid quality video and image capabilities. The sensor offers 60 frames per second (fps) and excellent pixel performance in the thinnest 3 mm module Y size for high screen-to-body ratio designs.

Built on OmniVision’s PureCel®Plus-S stacked die technology, the OV02C enables high functionality in the smallest die size. This next-generation pixel technology also provides higher color fidelity and excellent low light sensitivity, along with a high signal-to-noise ratio of 37.5 dB for crisper images. Additionally, PureCel®Plus-S provides higher full well capacity, zero blooming and lower power consumption.

The OV02C’s “Always On” feature senses user presence in ultra-low-power mode and the system can be locked and woken up touchlessly, extending the lifetime of the battery. The OV02C also supports multi-camera synchronization and multi-frame HDR at 30 fps real time video streaming.

OmniVision Launches the Industry’s Smallest 1080p Full HD Image Sensor for High Performance Video Communication in Thin Bezel Notebooks and Tablets

1.116 μm x 1.116 μm pixel

Optical size of 1/7.25″

34° CRA

2MP at 60 fps

Programmable controls for:
– Frame rate
– Mirror and flip
– Cropping
– Windowing

Supports images sizes:
– 2MP (1920×1080)
– 720p (1280×720)
– VGA (640×480), and more

Support for output formats: 8-bit or 10-bit RGB RAW

Two-wire serial bus control (SCCB)

MIPI serial output interface (1-lane or 2-lane) / 2-wire serial output

Two on-chip phase lock loops (PLLs)

2x binning support

Image quality controls:
– Defect pixel correction
– Automatic black level calibration

Suitable for module size of 4 x 3.5 x 2 mm

  • Spec
  • Analog / Digital
  • CFA (Chroma)
  • Image Area
    2160.576 × 1223.136 μm
  • Resolution
  • Package
  • Optical Format
  • Pixel Size
    1.116 µm
  • Frame Rate
    Full @ 60 fps
  • Power Requirement
    Active: 82.2 mW, Standby: 0.5 mA, XSHUTDOWN: 2 µA
  • Operating Temperature
    -30°C to +85°C
  • Output Format
  • Shutter Type
    Rolling Shutter
  • Interface
  • Technology