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OMNIVISION Introduces the OV3620: The First of the OmniPixel Generation of Sensors
Aug 24, 2004

SUNNYVALE, Calif. – August 24, 2004 – OmniVision Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq: OVTI), a leading independent supplier of CMOS image sensors for high-volume imaging applications, today announced the introduction of the OV3620, the first product in OmniVision’s new OmniPixel™ generation of image sensors. The OV3620 is a 3.2-megapixel, 1/2-inch system-on-a-chip that sets new milestones for imaging performance by achieving light sensitivity that is 100 percent better than traditional CMOS image sensors, while virtually eliminating image effects such as fixed pattern noise and dark current. The power of OmniPixel technology enables the OV3620 to take crystal-clear photographs with true, brilliant colors even in low-light conditions and hostile environments. OmniVision has begun delivering production volumes of the OV3620 to leading manufacturers of digital still cameras and video cameras.

“The OV3620 is a breakthrough product that does what no one thought possible: it combines the performance of high-end CCD sensors with the high efficiency and low cost of CMOS,” said Shaw Hong, OmniVision’s president and chief executive officer. “Our new OmniPixel technology provides the best of everything. It offers spectacular resolution, light sensitivity, color fidelity and power efficiency in a small, integrated design that is rich with features such as autofocus, zooming, panning and mechanical shutter control. We believe that the OV3620 will win many converts from CCD in the digital camera market and establish a new standard for image quality. We will use our proven experience in design support, optical integration and high-volume production to help our customers rapidly deliver total solutions to the digital camera market. Next, we will use OmniPixel to deliver high-end camera performance to our partners in the mobile phone market.”

The OmniPixel-powered OV3620 incorporates a 2040 by 1536-pixel array in a 1/2-inch chip that operates at 30 frames per second in digital video resolution (1024 by 511 pixels), and at up to 78 frames per second in high frame rate resolution (1024 by 190 pixels). The OV3620 is a complete system-on-a-chip that supports functions such as automatic focus, zooming, panning, mechanical shutter control, automatic exposure control, automatic gain control, automatic white balance, windowing, and black level calibration and is easily programmable through a serial interface. For images that are consistently clear and sharp, it features OmniVision’s proprietary embedded algorithms that eliminate effects such as smearing and blooming. The OV3620 requires only 150 milliwatts of power operating at full resolution. It outputs 10-bit raw image data and fits into an image module that is only 14.22 millimeters square and 2.23 millimeters high.


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