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OMNIVISION Announces New Low Profile CameraChip Modules for Cellular Phones
Feb 17, 2003

SUNNYVALE, Calif. — February 17, 2003 — OmniVision Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq: OVTI), a market-leading independent supplier of CMOS CameraChip™ solutions for high-volume imaging applications, today announced availability of their OV7648FS and OV7645FS VGA 640×480 resolution CameraChip modules for integration into mobile phones, PDA’s and PC cameras. Utilizing the previously announced OV7640 Camerachip technology and the OV7648 ChipScale packaging, OmniVisions new modules are targeted at manufacturers of wireless handsets and camera accessories where large scale production of small form factor modules is desired.

“This is a major breakthrough for handset manufacturers,” stated John Lynch, Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Marketing at OmniVision. “Finding camera modules with small footprints and low profiles has been one of their biggest challenges.”

OmniVision has combined their CameraChip, a flex cable, a lens and lens housing on modules measuring in at 8x8x6.15mm for the OV7645FS and 8x8x5.3mm for the OV7648FS. These solutions operate at 2.5V and consume less than 40 mW of power when running at 30 fps (VGA). 2.5V is the internal power voltage generally supplied in cellular handsets. By requiring 2.5V, the OV7645FS and the OV7648FS will demand fewer supporting components compared to competing solutions which typically require multiple or a higher voltage power supply, thereby reducing integration costs and design complexity.

Both the OV7645FS and the OV7648FS CameraChips take advantage of OmniVision’s proprietary analog processing technology to provide formatted YUV directly from the device. Both CameraChips cancel Fixed Pattern Noise (FPN), eliminate smearing, and reduce blooming thereby enhancing the image quality and eliminating the need for additional image processing that is common with competing solutions.

The following functions are programmable through an integrated serial SCCB interface:

• Auto Exposure Control

• Auto White Balance

• Color saturation

• Windowing

• Gamma correction

• Sharpness control

• Hue control

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