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OMNIVISION and MStar Partnering on New Imaging Applications With Infrared Processing and Exceptional Scene Reproduction
Oct 26, 2016

MStar’s Powerful System-on-Chip MSC318 Pairs With OMNIVISION’s Advanced RGB-Ir Sensors for Advanced Security and Automotive Imaging Applications

BEIJING — October 26, 2016 — OMNIVISION Technologies, Inc., a leading developer of advanced digital imaging solutions, today announced that the company’s second-generation RGB‑Ir image sensors, the OV9756 and the OV4686, will be supported by MStar’s new on-chip image signal processor, the MSC318. The MSC318 is designed for security IP camera solutions and for driving recorder video cameras in automotive imaging applications. OMNIVISION’s OV9756 and OV4686 were selected for their advanced infrared sensitivity to produce excellent videos in all lighting conditions in an ultra-compact industrial design.

“The MSC318 is an excellent product for video capture and storage in security and automotive applications, and we are thrilled that our leading RGB‑Ir sensors were chosen for this solution,” said Brian Lin, Partnership Manager at OMNIVISION. “We are excited to collaborate with MStar, a company that consistently features high-quality imaging solutions across its diverse product portfolio in all market segments.”

“OMNIVISION’s OV9756 and OV4686 RGB‑Ir sensors offer the benefits of clear day and night vision without the use of a mechanical cut filter. These sensors not only save system operating power, but also enable the MSC318’s ultra-thin design,” said Yu Chun Chen, Special Assistant to GM at MStar. “OMNIVISION’s RGB‑Ir sensors are well-suited for battery-operated devices and bring capabilities that align excellently with our goals for this new image signal processor.”

OV9756 and OV4686 Specifications
OMNIVISION’s 1/3‑inch OV9756 and OV4686 leverage a 4×4 advanced color pixel array pattern with special dual-band color filters to enhance the lens system, capturing infrared images with minimal color aliasing. Compared with sensors using traditional mechanical infrared filters, field reliability and system operation power conservation can be greatly enhanced.

The OV9756 leverages OMNIVISION’s 3.75‑micron OmniPixel®3‑HS high-sensitivity pixel architecture to operate in extremely high- and low-light conditions, delivering full-resolution 720p video at 60 frames per second (fps). Built on a 2‑micron OmniBSI™‑2 pixel, the OV4686 captures full-resolution 1080p high-definition (HD) video at 120 fps and 4MP video at 90 fps.

The MSC318 is currently available in China, and is expected to enter the U.S. and Japanese markets later this year.

About MStar
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