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Pioneering Innovation

Product Innovation and R&D

OMNIVISION has always attached great importance to technology research and development and has continuously increased investment in R&D. As a semiconductor design company adopting the fabless business model, R&D capability is the core competitiveness of the company, and the Technical R&D departments of each product line are the core departments in the company’s organizational structure. The company also attaches great importance to the construction of its R&D team, recruits scientific researchers with diverse backgrounds and attracts outstanding university graduates. Our core R&D team members all have master’s degrees or above in related disciplines from leading local and international universities, covering a wide range of majors such as electronic engineering, microelectronics, materials engineering, algorithm and software, and have deep working experience in related industry domains.

The company has set corresponding objectives in terms of product innovation and R&D:

✔ Continue to increase R&D investment and R&D team building,
✔ Expand the number of patents;
✔ Continue to develop green products;
✔ Provide innovative products for the world’s top brands.

New OV32C Sensors

New OV32C Sensors

Customer Service

The company has a team of Field Application Engineers (FAE) with high level expertise, strong execution and outstanding service capability. The team’s professional background in electronics, electrical, semiconductors, automation and computers, provide product application solutions, pre-sales and post-sales technical services for our customers. They take the initiative to provide various product application solutions according to the needs of customers’ R&D projects, helping to reduce R&D costs and better understand their needs, which in turn enables the company to develop products that meet market needs. The company attaches great importance to communication with our customers, conducts regular customer satisfaction surveys, actively listens to their demands and responds to them in a timely manner, so as to provide better quality products and services.

The company has set corresponding objectives in terms of customer service:

✔ Strengthen product quality by providing professional technical support and attentive service, and strive to be the best model of excellent service across customers.


Product Experience Center

Product Experience Center

Sustainable Supply Chain

As one of the world’s leading semiconductor design companies, OMNIVISION is committed to sustainable development and conveys the concepts of product quality management, environmental protection and corporate social responsibility to its suppliers. We embrace the spirit of local sourcing and always adhere to the social responsibility of banning hazardous substances and not using conflict minerals to reduce the risks associated with the environment and society. The company continuously strives to work with our suppliers to expand our socially responsible ecological network and work together for sustainable operations.

The company has set corresponding objectives in the terms of sustainable supply chain:

Target for 2022/2023:

  1. Conduct due diligence and management of conflict minerals, and require 100% of suppliers abide by the conflict-free minerals policy;
  2. Continuously assess the environmental and social performance of suppliers, and ultimately attain 100% coverage of major suppliers;
  3. Require suppliers to comply with supplier code of conduct.

Target for 2025:

  1. Fully implement due diligence and management of conflict minerals, and require 100% of suppliers abide by the conflict-free minerals policy;
  2. Require suppliers to comply with supplier code of conduct;
  3. Increase the coverage of supplier environmental and social management system certification or the signing rate of supplier code of conduct, and improve the level of environmental and social risk management.


Hazardous substances and conflict minerals training

Hazardous substances and conflict minerals training

Trade secrets protection

The company adheres to the overall policy of “security first, prevention first, equal emphasis on management and technology and comprehensive prevention”, so that the security of information systems can be controlled. Information security management is carried out with unified leadership and hierarchical control, in accordance with the principle of “those who monitor, operate, and use shall be held liable”. The CTO owns the overall responsibility of information security, with relevant departments and individuals at each level, holding the corresponding responsibilities to jointly operate and maintain the security of the company’s information systems.

High-quality green products

The Company guarantees the quality of products, strengthens the management of hazardous substances, manages the environmental impact of products, and continues to provide customers with sustainable products.