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Join us at the Upcoming Global Medical Events

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Join us at the Upcoming Global Medical Events
Webinar on CMOS Medical Image
OmniVision is the leading CMOS image sensor provider for the global medical market, offering the most comprehensive, market-proven product portfolio. One of the biggest growth areas in medical imaging is the development of single-use endoscopes and catheters to eliminate the risk of cross-contamination that occurs with reusable equipment for procedures in ENT, gastrointestinal, urology, women’s health and arthroscopy. In addition to helping drive the development of these endoscopes and catheters, OmniVision’s image sensors are also widely used in laryngoscopes, bronchoscopes and other specialized endoscopes.

This webinar will examine these medical imaging market trends and the technological developments that are enabling them. Focus areas will include the greater use of minimally invasive procedures, the transition from reusable to disposable endoscopes, and the expanded opportunity set from using small diameter endoscope.

With many years of medical market know-how, OmniVision presenter Tehzeeb Gunja will:

  • Review how past successes in medical imaging are informing current developments
  • Discuss key direct medical imaging application areas
  • Analyze market trends, growth drivers and demand to reveal the future direction
  • Examine the key challenges in developing medical imaging systems that ensure quality and improved patient outcomes
  • Discuss the growth of cost-effective wafer level optics for single-use endoscopes
  • Review new application areas such as 3D endoscopic imaging, chrome/virtual endoscopy, surgical robots, visualization added to endoscopic tools, dental imaging, and veterinarian and industrial endoscopy
  • Explore how cutting-edge CMOS technologies enable new medical imaging applications, to usher in a new era of medical diagnosis and treatment options
  • Delve into new imaging solutions that will assist in combating COVID-19, such as video-laryngoscopes and bronchoscopes that improve intubation success

Meet the Webinar Speaker
Tehzeeb Gunja
Tehzeeb Gunja joined OmniVision in August 2011 as Partnership and Business Development Manager for the EMEA region, and was appointed Director of Medical Marketing in March 2015. He is responsible for leading the medical business at OmniVision, including strategy formulation, product management, and ecosystem and business development. Prior to joining OmniVision, Tehzeeb was with Nokia Mobile Phones in a number of roles, including DSP Software Team Leader and Sr. System Specialist where he was involved with the integration of the first GPS subsystem inside a mobile phone and responsible for the system design and integration of wireless systems, mobile phone cameras, displays and imaging solutions. Over the years, Tehzeeb has been the recipient of awards for outstanding managerial and technical contributions, including excellence in leadership. He earned a B.S. in Electronics from the University of Mumbai and an M.S. in Electrical Engineering from Wayne State University.

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