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Green Operations

Green Operations

OMNIVISION has always adhered to the concept of green and low-carbon environmental protection, constantly exploring and practicing energy-saving and emission reduction technologies, and effectively fulfilling its corporate responsibility for environmental protection.

Energy Management

The Company’s Songjiang factory has established an ISO 50001 energy management system, which has been certified by a third party. With “compliance with regulations, scientific management, energy saving and emission reduction, continuous improvement” as the system policy, the company continues to invest in energy and water saving management and technology to improve efficiency and continuously optimize resource management.


For hazardous waste generated in the production process, the company implements classification management and centralized disposal, and entrusts it to units qualified to dispose of hazardous waste for collection, storage, transportation and disposal. For general waste, the company takes optimal measures to responsibly dispose, fully recycle, and/or reuse materials.

Water resources and wastewater discharge, exhaust emissions

The company’s Songjiang factory has established an ISO 14001 environmental management system, which has been certified by a third party. The company implements the environmental management policy of “optimizing resources, reducing pollution and waste, making continuous improvements, protecting the environment and complying with regulations” to minimize the impact of its production and operation activities on the environment.

Tackling Climate Change

The company attaches great importance to the possible adverse impact of climate change on the company’s finances and has established an EHS Committee to tackle its early warning and emergency response in extreme weather and natural disasters, ensure employee health and environmental safety, and maintain the continuity of stable business operations.

  • Energy management system certification
  • Environmental management system certification
  • "Advanced Collective for Energy-saving Work" Title
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