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ESG Strategy

Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) Strategy

OMNIVISION’s mission is to empower lives through innovative technology solutions, by maximizing the benefits of human/device interactions, while the vision is to seamlessly integrate humans and the digital world for a brighter future.

ESG strategy consists of three pillars: 1) Green Operations, 2) Talent Orientation, and 3) Pioneering Innovation. The company is committed to achieving its ESG vision of “building highly creative teams and developing highly innovative products” by fully considering business operations, the ecological chain and its stakeholders.

The company has identified six material ESG issues which are highly relevant to OMNIVISION, including: 1) Talent Attraction and Retention (Talent), 2) Employee Health and Safety (Health), 3) Business Ethics (Ethics), 4) Sustainable Supply Chain (Supply Chain), 5) Customer Service (Customer), and 6) Product Innovation and R&D (Innovation). OMNIVISION’s sustainable framework — “THE SCI” is based on these issues, in order to show our resolution to work together with our employees, consumers, customers, suppliers and cooperative partners to achieve sustainable development.


  • Green Operations

    We are committed to addressing environmental problems such as environmental pollution, energy crisis, resource depletion and climate change. We integrate the concept of environmental protection into our production and operation activities.

    Through the establishment of a sound environmental management system and raising employees’ awareness of environmental protection, we aim to achieve sustainable development of the Company.

    • Energy management
    • Waste
    • Water resource and wastewater discharge
    • Exhaust emission
    • Climate change
  • Talent Orientation

    We are committed to providing our employees with competitive benefits, remuneration packages and a comprehensive training system. We strive to attract outstanding talent to join us and to create a safe, hygienic and healthy working environment to safeguard the physical and mental well-being of our employees.

    We are committed to fostering a clean and honest atmosphere, working with the community to promote community building and care for the underprivileged, and promoting global public welfare initiatives.

    • Talent attraction and retention
    • Employee health and safety
    • Business ethics
    • Talent training and development
    • Employee diversity and inclusion
    • Social contribution and involvement
    • Human rights
  • Pioneering Innovation

    We are committed to product innovation and research and development (R&D), constantly increasing our investment in R&D, and strengthening our investment in areas such as clean technology. We systematically protect our intellectual property and trade secrets. We optimize our customer service and continuously strive to improve customer satisfaction.

    We are committed to optimizing our supply chain management, improving the environmental and social performance of our suppliers and to cooperating with all business partners to create a sustainable business model.

    • Product innovation and R&D
    • Customer service
    • Sustainable supply chain
    • Trade secret protection
    • High-quality green products