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LCOS for Display

LCOS Chip for Smoother Display


LCOS for Display

One of the most sought after and faster shifting technologies is that of the “display.” It seems as one technology advances another is right behind it, ready to exceed the previous incarnation. Since the first “HD” displays hit the market, the race to be the clearest solution has been perpetual, and OMNIVISION continues to be a major leader in providing turnkey, fully integrated single chip solutions for Augmented Reality (AR) systems.

The use of LCOS solves the problem of visual pixelation as the pixel edges tend to be smoother compared to the micro-mirrors in DLP systems, creating a much more natural look and feel. OMNIVISION’s integrated driver function and frame buffers are combined in a single chip, simplifying system design and making the system more compact. This ‘all in one’ solution also reduces power consumption by 40% compared to the 2 chip solution and is ideal for wearable AR products, while also offering a high-resolution and high frame rate solution.

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