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World Facing Camera

View the World Through a Smarter World Facing Camera


World Facing Camera

The Front-Facing Camera may be ideal for taking selfies, but the World Facing Camera was made to shoot the world in all its high-definition glory. Whether it’s on a tablet or other device, this high-tech camera gives every user the opportunity to take professional-looking photos and videos without needing to be an expert in photography. For instance, the camera sensors are instrumental in keeping the images steady and can even stabilize to counter any shakiness and external movements. In addition to less blurry photos and videos, a crisp image quality can also be expected due to the high-megapixels technology within OMNIVISION’s World Facing Camera.

Instead of being limited to a small screen, The World Facing Camera connected to a tablet, laptop, or other device with a larger monitor makes reviewing images and videos easier than ever. Aside from there being less of a need to zoom in on the finished product, the wide-angle allows for multiple options when it comes to taking photos, recording videos, live streaming, and more.

Maybe it’s reaching out to family through a video call and giving them a tour of the new house, or perhaps it’s recording a live concert that will be watched over and over again - whatever the reason, OMNIVISION’s World Facing Camera will ensure that these moments look good forever.

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