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Selfie Camera

Capturing each user in all their glory


Selfie Camera

Some moments shouldn’t be passed up and that is why having an advanced computer camera capable of capturing high-resolution photos is ideal for anyone that likes to snap the perfect selfie. OMNIVISION’s Selfie Camera is made for users looking to stream themselves for creative purposes, video conference with a friend or work colleague, or for simply wanting to snap a crisp photo.

While some cameras may be more complicated when it comes to navigating its features, this one groundbreaking system takes care of the complex issues and leaves each user free to capture. From fast focusing speed to providing light correction, the camera sensors will optimize images and videos automatically so that vivid quality is always the standard.

For those planning to game in front of an audience, the eye-tracking control on this Selfie Camera gives the user complete computer control and can even replace the keyboard and mouse. Of course, this isn’t the only instance where this tool might come in handy: having intelligent image sensors that focus eyesight where the user is looking is also useful for video conferencing. In all situations, the innovative capabilities of this camera will provide a high-performance experience for anyone participating.

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