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The WD1050C08 is a DC-DC step-down converter specialized for powering RF power amplifiers (PAs) from a single Lithium-Ion battery; And it can be used to power other hand-held Radio devices. By using an input voltage from 2.7V to 5.5V, it can generate an adjustable output voltage from 0.6V to 3.4V by the communication from one analog pin VCON.

The WD1050C08 offers three modes of operation. In PWM mode the device operates at a fixed frequency of 6 MHz (typ.), which minimizes EMI when driving medium-to-heavy loads and which allows use of tiny surface-mount components, an inductor and two ceramic capacitors. At light load, the device switches into PSM (power saving mode) mode automatically and operates with reduced quiescent current and switching frequency to extend battery life. The device is off in shutdown mode and reduces battery consumption to 100 nA (typ.).

The WD1050C08 is available in CSP-6L package. Standard products are Pb-Free and Halogen-Free.

- Battery-Powered 3G/4G Power Amplifiers
- Hand-Held Radios
- RF PC Cards
- Battery-Powered RF Devices


6 MHz (typ.) PWM Switching Frequency

Operates from a Single Li-Ion Cell (2.7V to 5.5V)

One-pin (VCON) adjusts Output Voltage (0.6V to 3.4V)

750 mA Maximum Load Capability

High Efficiency (95% typ. at 3.6VIN, 3.3VOUT at 300 mA)

Adaptive PSM/PWM mode change depending on load condition

Over-Current Protection

Over-Thermal Protection

Soft Start Function

Order Information
Ordering No. Vout(V) Package
WD1050C08-6/TR N/a CSP-6L