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OmniVision’s OVMed® Cable line of endoscope, catheter and dental cables create a platform, in combination with the company’s portfolio of CameraCubeChip™ wafer-level camera modules and OVMed® image signal processor (ISP) boards. As the world’s top supplier of medical imaging components, this addition makes OmniVision the industry’s first supplier of complete, end-to-end medical imaging subsystems, enabling medical device OEMs to focus on differentiating their core endoscope and catheter designs, while accelerating time to market and obtaining a competitive materials cost. This single source of supply and support for the entire medical imaging subsystem is also tuned for optimal performance by OmniVision’s imaging experts.

OVMed® Cables provide high image quality with minimal artefacts, for the transmission of captured images from the endoscope’s distal tip, down the endoscope shaft to the proximal end. These cables are optimized for small module size, thin diameter, flexibility, mechanical robustness and cost. Additionally, they are electrically shielded for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and interference (EMI), which allows the cables to withstand high energy discharges during multimodal medical imaging procedures inside the body, while eliminating interference with other devices in the operating room.

OmniVision’s flexible design and manufacturing model allows the company to provide semi-custom cable solutions based on customer requirements. Customizable parameters include short cables of 2.5 meters or less, long cables up to 5 meters, analog or digital MIPI output from 200x200 at 30 fps up to 720p resolution at 60 fps, as well as a wide range of connectors—all with or without LED illumination. In addition, every OVMed® Cable undergoes comprehensive certification, qualification and testing, including testing for banned substances, operation tests, stress tests, sterilization, bio-compatibility and workmanship.

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Analog and digital MIPI output

Low power consumption

Short rigid tip

Image quality: high quality cable, EMC shielding, tunable resistance

Cost effective: development cost amortized over larger number units

Quick time to market: turnkey solution from OVT: sensor, lens, cable and ISP

Small module, thin and flexible cable, fits to all kinds of endoscopes

Fully qualified: bio-compatibility / function / reliability / environment test

Flexible configuration: 1.5m / 2.5m / 4m / 5m, with or without LED illumination, with or without connector

Comprehensive operation, stress, sterilization, bio-compatibility and manufacturing testing and compliance

Part Specification
Dimensions0.63 mm diameter
1500 ±20 mm long
0.63 mm diameter
2500 ±20 mm long
0.73 mm diameter
4000 ±20 mm long
0.73 mm diameter
5000 ±20 mm long