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Optimized for NTSC and PAL applications, the OV7960 system on chip (SoC) with advanced image signal processing capabilities delivers vivid image capture even in the most challenging lighting conditions, making it an ideal solution for both indoor and outdoor security applications.

The low voltage, high performance OV7960 provides the full functionality of a single-chip analog NTSC/PAL sensor. Based on OmniVision's 6.0 µm OmniPixel®3-HS architecture, the OV7960 features low light sensitivity of 12V/lux-sec. The OV7960 has an active array of 768 x 576 to support both PAL and NTSC formats without scaling.

The OV7960 incorporates advanced image processing functions, including exposure control, gain control, white balance, lens correction and defective pixel correction to provide full-frame images. The functions are programmable through the serial camera control bus (SCCB) interface. For storage purposes, the OV7960 includes 16 bytes of one-time programmable (OTP) memory.

The OV7960 features automatic exposure/gain with 16-zone control, horizontal and vertical windowing capability, aperture/gamma correction, external frame sync capability and extremely low dark current for high temperature applications. The OV7960 is capable of operating within a temperature range of -20°C to +70°C.


NTSC and PAL output

High sensitivity

Automatic exposure/gain with 16 zone control

Horizontal and vertical windowing capability

Auto white balance control

Aperture/gamma correction

Slave compatible serial camera control bus (SCCB) control interface for register programming

Low power consumption

Extremely low dark current for high temperature applications

50/60 Hz flicker cancellation

SPI master for single static overlay and loading setting

Dynamic overlay controls

Defective pixel correction

Part Specification
Shutter TypeRolling ShutterRolling Shutter
CFA (Chroma)RGB BayerRGB Bayer
Analog / DigitalAnalogAnalog
Power RequirementActive: 225 mW
Standby: 20 µA
Active: 225 mW
Standby: 20 µA
Output FormatAnalogAnalog
Operating Temperature-20°C to +70°C-20°C to +70°C
Optical Format1/3.6"1/3"
Frame RateFull @ 60 fields/secFull @ 50 fields/sec
Pixel Size6.0 µm6.0 µm
Image Area4752 x 3552 µm4752 x 3552 µm
Package Dimensions6645 x 7095 µm6645 x 7095 µm
Product GuidePDFPDF