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The OV788 is a highly integrated multimedia camera processor aiming for consumer, security & surveillance, automotive (after-market) and video conferencing applications. It provides low system integration cost without requiring external memory while maintaining the flexibility of expanding an external SDRAM as needed. The OV788 runs efficiently and consumes low power.

The OV788 supports up to three camera interfaces, including one dedicated single-lane MIPI receiver, one dedicated DVP input port, and one shared DVP input ports.

The OV788 has an embedded advanced image signal processor (ISP) to support 720p HD raw image sensors at 30 frames per second (fps). Along with an embedded compression engine, the OV788 supports still picture capture up to 16MP at 5 fps. It also supports still picture playback.

The OV788 implements an advanced video engine to achieve high-performance video recording or decoding up to the 720p resolution at 30 fps without requiring any external memory. The engine is capable of recording dual video streams up to VGA resolution at 30 fps, or decoding dual video streams up to VGA at 30 fps and quad video streams up to QVGA at 60 fps. Along with an embedded audio engine and depending on audio formats, the OV788 records and decodes mono/stereo audio with video clips.

The OV788 supports various types of LCD displays up to 720p HD with color depth up to 24-bits (RGB888). The LCD interface shares one DVP output port that can connect to external devices such as an HDMI transmitter. The OV788 also supports analog TV output.

The OV788 combines various parallel and serial peripheral interfaces including a storage card interface, serial interface, serial audio interface, SCCB interface, UART interface, USB device interfaces with embedded PHY.

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General features:
– Highly integrated multimedia camera processor provides low system integration cost without external memory required

Camera interfaces:
– MIPI single-lane receiver or 10-bit RGB raw or YUV input
– Supports up to 16MP image sensor
– Supports up to 4x digital zoom
– SCCB master to access the image sensor

Image signal processor:
– Raw to YUV processing
– Auto white balance (AWB)
– Edge enhancement
– Hue and saturation control
– Brightness and contrast control
– Digital effects
– Lens shading
– Defective pixel correction
– Digital filters
– Auto focus

Video engine:
– Supports video recording up to 720p (1280x720) at 30 fps
– Supports dual video stream recording up to VGA (640x480) at 30 fps
– Rate control to support various bit rates
– Flexible motion detection with programmable zones
– Supports video decoding up to 720p (1280x720) at 30 fps
– Supports dual video stream decoding up to VGA (640x480) and quad video stream decoding up to QVGA (320x240) at 60 fps
– Supports full duplex encoding and recording up to VGA resolution at 30 fps

DSC functions:
– Supports still picture capture up to 16MP
– Supports still picture playback through display interface

Display controller:
– Supports LCD panels with different interfaces including serial interface, parallel interface and MCU interface
– Supports up to 720p resolution display and color depth up to 24 bits (RGB888)
– Supports On-Screen Display (OSD) and scaling functions
– Supports color space conversion
– Supports DVP output mode
– Supports camera input bypass through DVP

TV support:
– Embedded TV encoder and video DAC supports NTSC or PAL
– Supports external HD transmitter to display 720p video

2D graphics engine:
– Supports 3-ROP graphics operation
– Supports BITBLT rectangular fill, line draw, and blending
– Deep command FIFO with shadowing

Audio engine:
– Embedded audio engine for audio recording and playback
– Supports external audio CODEC through an audio serial interface for full duplex audio functions
– Supports various audio formats
– Supports a digital microphone

Embedded microcontroller:
– 32-bit RISC MCUs
– Supports 32 KB data cache and 32 KB instruction cache

Host interfaces:
– 16-/18-bit MCU interface
– UART interface
– Serial interface (can be either master or slave)
– SCCB master interface

Storage card interface:
– Supports burst mode
– Supports storage I/O peripheral interface

USB device controller:
– USB2.0 HS/FS
– Supports UVC video class for PC camera
– Supports mass storage class

MIPI receiver:
– Built in MIPI receiver supporting CSI
– Supports up to 800 Mbps

General purpose I/O (GPIO):
– Flexible GPIO capability for most of the I/O pins
– GPIO0 to GPIO19 equip with interrupt capability

– Dedicated JTAG interface
– Embedded power switches to control power domains
– Embedded PLLs
– Embedded USB PHY
– Embedded TV video DAC

Part Specification
Operating SystemRTOSRTOS
DRAM StackNoNo
Package Size14 mm x 14 mm11 mm x 11 mm
Sensors SupportedOV9732
Product GuidePDFPDF