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Join us at AutoSens Brussels 2021

OmniVision's OV494 is a compact image signal processor (ISP) that enables best-in-class electronic distortion and perspective correction for a wide range of rearview camera architectures in automotive applications. The OV494 can output on a wide range of interfaces including DVP, MIPI, BT1120 or NTSC, performing distortion correction on high-quality video with up to 190 degrees of pixel-mapping flexibility. The OV494 also offers eight independent overlays with a 32-color palette for each image, without requiring additional processing support.

The OV494 is ideally suited to work with OmniVision's portfolio of high-performance image sensors, including the OV9716 and OV10640 automotive image sensors. The OV494 can process image and video input of up to 1.4 megapixels at 60 frames per second (fps), with support for high dynamic range (HDR) up to 120 dB.

The OV494 comes in a compact 7 mm x 7 mm, 169-pin ball grid array (BGA) package.


Up to 1.3MP sensor (1392x976 or 1280x1080) 60 fps with MIPI output (MIPI), 45 fps with DVP output (3.3V I/O)

Up to three capture HDR combination

Support for local and global tone mapping

Automatic white balance (AWB), automatic exposure control (AEC) / automatic gain control (AGC), 50/60 Hz auto flicker detection and elimination

Statistics data for up to four user programmable ROIs

Distortion/perspective correction (DC/PC), up to 190° HFOV

8 independent overlay layers, 32 color/palette per image, line, and global transparency control for each layer

Up to 8 GPIOs

Embedded information including frame counter, temperature, and register data for each image to enable critical automotive safety applications

1K bits of one-time programmable memory (OTP)

Brown-out detection circuit and output flag

JTAG boundary scan

Serial camera control bus (SCCB) master/slave interface for sensor and ASIC configuration

Up to four-wire SPI flash interface to retrieve stored firmware and data from external SPI flash memory

Internal NTSC video encoder and NTSC output interface

On-chip voltage regulator from 1.8V to 1.1V and one DCDC from 3.3V/1.8V to 1.1V

Order Information
Ordering No. Vout(V) Package
Part Specification
Sensor ResolutionUp to 1.3MP
Highest Frame Rate60 fps
Output FormatYUV422 8/10/12-bit,
RGB888 24-bit,
RGB565 16-bit,
BT1120 16-bit,
BT656 8-bit
Operating Temperature-40°C to +105°C
Recommended ArchitecturesRVC
Product GuidePDF