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  • November 08, 2016
    OmniVision Introduces New Family of 16-Megapixel Sensors with Latest PureCel®Plus-S Technology for Mobile Devices
  • November 07, 2016
    OmniVision Announces New Family of 20-Megapixel PureCel®Plus-S Sensors for High-End Smartphones
  • November 07, 2016
    OmniVision Debuts Second-Generation PureCel®Plus and PureCel®Plus-S Technology and Product Families
  • October 25, 2016
    OmniVision Launches 12-Megapixel PureCel®Plus-S Sensor for High-End Consumer Drones and Action Cameras
  • October 24, 2016
    OmniVision Announces First Low-Power 1080p HD PureCel® Sensor for Battery-Powered Security Applications
  • October 24, 2016
    OmniVision Launches 1/3-Inch 1080p HD Sensor for Mainstream Security Applications
  • September 20, 2016
    OmniVision Launches Ultra-Compact Global Shutter Image Sensor for Automotive Applications
  • September 20, 2016
    OmniVision Debuts Industry's First 1.7-Megapixel Automotive Image Sensors with 2:1 Aspect Ratio and 120 dB Dynamic Range
  • September 19, 2016
    OmniVision's OV491 and OV495 Companion Chips Deliver Powerful Image Processing Capabilities for Automotive Applications
  • September 19, 2016
    OmniVision Launches 2-Megapixel Sensor with OmniBSI-2™ Deep Well™ Pixel Technology for Automotive Applications
  • August 11, 2016
    OmniVision Debuts Its First Wafer-Level Camera Module for Medical Applications
  • May 30, 2016
    OmniVision Launches 1.55-Micron Large-Pixel PureCel®Plus-S Sensor for High-End Smartphones
  • May 28, 2016
    OmniVision's New 13-Megapixel PureCel®Plus Sensor Brings High-End Imaging Capabilities to Mainstream Smartphones
  • April 6, 2016
    OmniVision Brings 2K Video to Tamron's Innovative Camera Module, the World's First with Optical Vibration Compensation
  • April 6, 2016
    OmniVision's OV2718 Brings 1080p High Definition Imaging to HiSilicon's System-on-Chip IP Camera Solution