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  • Feb 21, 2012
    OmniVision's OV10630 and OV10635 Automotive Image Sensors Receive AEC-Q100 Qualification, Start Mass Production
  • Feb 16, 2012
    OmniVision Announces Ultra-Compact 720p HD Image Sensor For Next-Generation Mobile Devices
  • Jan 12, 2012
    OmniVision Launches OmniBSI+™ Pixel Architecture; Upgrades 8-Megapixel Offering for Smartphones and Tablets
  • Jan 11, 2012
    OmniVision Launches High-Performance Native HD CameraChip™ Sensor
  • Aug 24, 2011
    OmniVision Launches High-Performance OmniBSI-2™ Image Sensor for Video-Centric Smartphones
  • Aug 23, 2011
    OmniVision's New OV9770 Sets HD Camera Benchmark for Notebook, Tablet and Entertainment Markets
  • Aug 3, 2011
    OmniVision Launches First Sensor With 1.1-Micron Pixel
  • May 18, 2011
    OmniVision Launches 5-Megapixel OmniBSI-2™ Image Sensor For Slimmer Tablets and Smart Phones
  • Apr 14, 2011
    OmniVision Launches 12.6-Megapixel Mobile Sensor with 1080p/60 HD Video and Electronic Image Stabilization
  • Feb 15, 2011
    OmniVision Launches First OmniBSI-2 Image Sensor
  • Feb 15, 2011
    OmniVision Extends OmniBSI Portfolio with 3-Megapixel Image Sensor Targeting High Growth Smart Phone Market
  • Jan 6, 2011
    OmniVision's OV10810 First Native 16:9 CMOS Image Sensor to Enable Simultaneous 1080p HD Video Recording and 10-Megapixel Image Capture
  • Nov 17, 2010
    OmniVision Starts Mass Production of Ultra-Compact OV6930 Medical Image Sensor
  • Nov 9, 2010
    OmniVision Launches Feature Rich 8-Megapixel RAW CMOS Image Sensor For The Fast Growing Smart Phone Market
  • Nov 7, 2010
    OmniVision and INOVA Develop High-Performance Video Data Solution for Automotive Camera Systems