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Join us at NVIDIA GTC 2021.

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Join us at NVIDIA GTC 2021.

NVIDIA and OmniVision are working together to accelerate the automotive viewing and sensing innovations that will change the way you drive.

OmniVision's 17+ years of dedicated automotive imaging expertise combined with NVIDIA's exponential computational horsepower and large-scale production software expertise enable the future of autonomous driving, in-cabin functions and driver monitoring, as well as other safety features- all in a compact, energy-efficient package.


NVIDIA DRIVE AGX™ embedded supercomputing platforms process data from camera, radar, and LIDAR sensors to perceive the surrounding environment, localize the car to a map, and plan and execute a safe path forward. OmniVision provides a wide range of qualified sensors for various applications for this platform.

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NVIDIA DRIVE Hyperion™ is an autonomous vehicle data collection and perception evaluation platform. It consists of a complete sensor suite and DRIVE AGX AI computing platform, along with the full software stack for autonomous driving, driver monitoring and visualization. OmniVision is the in-cabin sensor provider for this platform.
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Camera Module Details
Model NameSerializerOmniVision SensorColor FilterImage SizeEffective PixelsHFOV (deg)/ Lens Part#NVIDIA DRIVE™ Software SupportSW/HW Support
Drive OSDriveWorksDrive AVDrive IX
OX08B40-EXAC-AA1CMAX9295OX08B40RGGB1/1.73"8.3MP140°/ Sunex - DSL166ADrive OS 5.2.0DriveWorks 3.5N/AN/AContact us
OX08A40-EXAL-AA1CMAX9295OX08A40RGGB1/1.73"8.3MP140°/ Sunex - DSL166ADrive OS 5.2.0DriveWorks 3.5N/AN/AContact us
OX03C10-EXAL-BA0CMAX9295OX03C10RGGB1/2.6"2.5MP94°/ Zeal – ZA-CA38215A1-170(6)Drive OS 5.2.0DriveWorks 3.5N/AN/AContact us
OX03F10-EXAL-BA0CMAX9295OX03F10RGGB 1/2.44"3.0MP196°/ STRTEC – PD063Drive OS 5.2.0DriveWorks 3.5N/AN/AContact us
OmniVision SensorOX08B40OX08A40OX03C10OX03F10
Image Size1/1.73"1/1.73"1/2.6" 1/2.44"
Effective Pixels8.3MP8.3MP2.5MP3.0MP
HFOV (deg)/ Lens Part#140°/ Sunex - DSL166A140°/ Sunex - DSL166A94°/ Zeal – ZA-CA38215A1-170(6)196°/ STRTEC – PD063
Drive OSDrive OS 5.2.0Drive OS 5.2.0Drive OS 5.2.0Drive OS 5.2.0
DriveWorksDriveWorks 3.5DriveWorks 3.5DriveWorks 3.5DriveWorks 3.5
SW/HW SupportContact usContact usContact usContact us
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