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Eye-Tracking User Interface
VR/IR eye tracking grabs the user’s focal point and renders high-resolution images where he/she is focused, decreasing resolution everywhere else to save GPU power. OmniVision solutions offer low latency, near-IR performance and global shutter technology in a CameraCubeChip™ format.

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SLAM and Feature Tracking
Simultaneous location and mapping (SLAM) is a critical feature for AR/VR applications. It involves room mapping and extracting features from the scene around the user for positional tracking. OmniVision’s VGA low-latency global shutter sensors are integral to SLAM.

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Drone Collision Avoidance
Aerial photography consumer drones have become popular thanks to a reduction in crashes because of collision-avoidance technology. OmniVision technology image sensors with ultra-high-resolution 4K video and global shutters are aptly matched with drone requirements.

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Pass-Through Viewing for VR
VR headsets with pass-through viewing allow wearers to move through the real world without bumping into objects while playing in the virtual world. OmniVision’s imaging solutions that enable this include fast frame rate and global shutter technology with RGB sensors.

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Human/Computer Interface
Gesture-tracking capabilities for VR/IR applications enable human-computer interactions. Infrared (IR) light sources illuminate the scene near the head-mounted display, and OmniVision global shutter sensors with high near-IR (NIR) sensitivity capture the hand gestures.

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