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Sensor bridge ASIC to connect multiple sensors for IoT applications.

- Two 2-lane MIPI receiver for video input
- One of the MIPI receivers can be divided into dual 1-lane MIPI receivers
- One 4-lane MIPI receiver for video input
- One 4-lane MIPI transmitter for video output
- Up to 1 MHz SCCB with 13 MHz ~ 26 MHz input clock
- Two sets of SCCB master
- One set of SCCB master and slave
- Four sensor frame rate control pin
- Five general purpose IO (GPIO) pins
- UART and SPI interfaces

On-chip PLLs:
- System PLL - input clock frequency ranges from 13 MHz to 26 MHz
- MIPI speed - 5x or 10x of system clock for raw, 4x or 8x of system clock for YUV

Image signal processor (ISP):
- Two ISPs, one for each input video stream
- 2592 x 1944 max resolution
- Max frame rate: 24 fps at 5MP, 30 fps at 4MP, 60 fps at 1080p, 120 fps at 720p
- Lens shading correction (LENC)
- Auto exposure and gain control
- Auto white balance
- Defect pixel correction
- Auto contrast enhancement
- Gamma correction
- YCbCr422 process

- Two sets of SCCB masters to control multiple sensors
- One SCCB master/slave to take the commands from host controller
- 7-bit SCCB slave device ID is fixed to 0x44 (0x88 for write, and 0x89 for read)
- 7-bit SCCB slave device ID is fixed to 0x42 (0x84 for write, and 0x85 for read)
- Supports SCCB clock 100 kHz and 400 kHz and 1 MHz

Data format:
- Input: raw 8/10/12-bit, YUV422
- Output: raw 8/10/12-bit, YUV422

- 32-bit microcontroller running at the system clock
- 64 KByte program memory, 32 KB ROM

Power supply:
- 1.8V for IO voltage (e.g., PADVDD18), 1.8V for analog voltage (e.g., M*AVDD)
- Internal regulator generates 1.2V C*VDD12 from PADVDD18 for the digital core circuit
- Hardware standby mode initiated by pulling PWDN high, whole system halts and input clock is gated
- Software standby mode initiated by register

Part Specification
DescriptionHigh speed three-sensor bridge chip with two built-in image signal processors for IoT applications
Key FeaturesSSC support
MIPI in and out
Master/slave synch
Built-in ISP
3 channel 2 x 5M + 21M
Target Solutions360 degree cam
Mobile multi-can
Package Type133-pin BGA
Max Frame Rate5MP x 2 @ 30 fps
21MP @ 15 fps
Output Interface2x 4-lane MIPI
Input Interface2x 2-lane MIPI
1x 4-lane MIPI
Product GuidePDF