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Groundbreaking Nyxel™ Near-Infrared Technology
Nyxel™ Technology – How it works?
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Nyxel™ technology features QE improvements that increase sensitivity to the near-infrared spectrum.
  • Thick Silicon
    Thicker silicon increases the chance of photon absorption, offering higher QE and increased signal strength than thinner silicon.
  • Deep Trench Isolation
    Deep trench isolation creates a barrier between the pixels to eliminate crosstalk and improve modular transfer function.
  • Absorption Structure
    Using a carefully managed optical scattering layer prevents defects in the image’s dark area and lengthens the photon path.

Nyxel™ NIR technology enables image sensors that see better and farther in low light while consuming less power.
Capture Sharper, Brighter Images
Nyxel™ NIR technology achieves up to 3x quantum efficiency improvements to capture sharp, bright images and deliver optimum image data. This enables accurate eye tracking and gesture control in AR/VR applications, or for detecting distracted or drowsy drivers in driver-monitoring systems.

Improved Night Vision
With significant increases in NIR sensitivity, Nyxel™ technology offers better photon absorption compared with other NIR technologies. This means improved night vision, allowing security cameras and ADAS surround-view systems to capture brighter images from farther away.

Minimal Power Requirements
While current machine-vision and night-vision NIR solutions are augmented by power-intensive IR LEDs, sensors built on Nyxel™ technology require minimal additional lighting—reducing system power needs and extending the life of battery-operated security cameras.