Color CMOS 2-megapixel (1932x1092) Image Sensor with OmniBSI Technology

The OV2720 is the world's first 1/6-inch, native 1080p/30 high-definition (HD) CMOS image sensor designed for notebook, tablet, webcam and video conferencing applications. Built on our proprietary 1.4-micron OmniBSI™ pixel architecture, the OV2720 allows for extremely thin camera modules with a z-height of 3.5 mm, while delivering video conference quality 1080p HD video, making it an ideal choice for the next generation of ultra-thin, HD video-enabled notebooks and tablets.

A native HD sensor, the OV2720 offers optimal performance because it does not suffer from degradation or image artifacts due to scaling or cropping. Instead, native HD enables full field of view video with optimized image quality, sensitivity, color reproduction and clarity. Enabled by OmniBSI architecture, the sensor achieves best-in-class low-light sensitivity of 650 mV/lux-sec. Using a binning feature, OV2720's low-light performance can be double that of similar-sized VGA sensors, making it an ideal choice for video conferencing and webcam applications.

The OV2720 supports multiple platform architectures and controllers with both parallel and MIPI interfaces. It allows system designers to leverage the same optoelectrical design across various products and multiple market segments to reduce product development time.

Exposure control, white balance and defective pixel canceling are programmable through the SCCB interface. In addition, OmniVision image sensors use proprietary sensor technology to improve image quality by reducing or eliminating common lighting and electrical sources of image contamination, such as fixed pattern noise and smearing to produce a clean, fully stable color image.


  • 1.4 µm x 1.4 µm pixel with OmniBSI technology for high performance (high sensitivity, low crosstalk, low noise)

  • Optical size of 1/6"

  • Automatic image control functions:
    - Automatic exposure control (AEC)
    - Automatic white balance (AWB)
    - Automatic band filter (ABF)
    - Automatic black level calibration (ABLC)

  • Programmable controls for:
    - Frame rate
    - AEC/AGC 16-zone size/position/weight control
    - Mirror and flip
    - Cropping
    - Windowing
    - Panning

  • Image quality controls:
    - Lens correction
    - 2-D defective pixel canceling

  • Support for output formats:
    - 8-/10-bit RAW RGB data

  • Support for video or snapshot operations

  • Support for horizontal and vertical sub-sampling

  • Standard serial SCCB interface

  • Digital video port (DVP) parallel output interface

  • MIPI interface (two lanes)

  • Support for second camera interface

  • 32 bytes of embedded one-time programmable (OTP) memory

  • On-chip phase lock loop (PLL)

  • Embedded 1.5V regulator for core power

  • Programmable I/O drive capability, I/O tri-state configurability

  • Support for black sun cancellation

  • Suitable for module size of 6.5 x 6.5 x 3.5 mm

Product Specifications

Part NumberOV2720-G04AOV2720-A50A
Analog / DigitalDigitalDigital
Power RequirementActive: 74 mA
Standby: 15 µA
Standby: 15 µA
Active: 74 mA
Temperature RangeOperating: -20°C to +70°C junction temperature
Stable image: 0°C to +50°C junction temperature
Operating: -20°C to +70°C junction temperature
Stable image: 0°C to +50°C junction temperature
Output Format8-/10-bit RAW RGB data8-/10-bit RAW RGB data
Optical Format1/6"1/6"
Frame RateQVGA @ 240 fps
VGA @ 120 fps
720p @ 60 fps
1080p @ 30 fps
QVGA @ 240 fps
VGA @ 120 fps
720p @ 60 fps
1080p @ 30 fps
Pixel Size1.4 µm1.4 µm
Image Area2732.8 x 1534.4 µm2732.8 x 1534.4 µm
PackageCOB50-pin CSP3
Package Dimensions5400 x 3300 µm5385 x 3285 µm
Product Brief Product Brief Product Brief

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