9-megapixel Image Sensors
OmniVision's 9-megapixel color image sensor based on OmniPixel3-HS™ technology offers the best low-light sensitivity in its class. The OV9810 eliminates the trade-offs between high performance still photography and high quality HD video by combining 9-megapixel photography with 1080p HD video on a single chip. With a packaged footprint of only 10 X 10 mm, the OV9810 is the ideal solution for digital still camera (DSC), digital camcorder and digicam applications.

OmniVision's proprietary sensor technology utilizes advanced algorithms to cancel FPN, eliminate smearing and drastically reduce blooming. The control registers allow for flexible control of timing, polarity and chip operation, providing the engineer a great deal of product design flexibility. These low-voltage CMOS image sensors provide the full functionality of a single-chip megapixel camera and image processor in a small footprint package. OmniVision’s 9-megapixel sensors are available in 100% lead-free packaging.

PackageResolutionOptical FormatFrame RatePixel SizeOutput FormatPackage DimensionsChromaPower RequirementProduct Brief
70-pin CSP31080p
1/2.3"720p @ 60 fps
1080p @ 30 fps
8MP @ 10 fps
Full @ 8.9 fps
1.75 µmRAW RGB data8195 x 7535 µmColorTBD