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Although mature, PC, notebook and entertainment markets are still evolving technologically and incorporating advanced image-system solutions to unlock new and exciting capabilities.

Emerging applications like eye tracking, as well as unprecedented authentication applications using facial and/or iris recognition to add layers of security to PCs and notebooks, are driving interest in new imaging technologies, such as infrared (IR) global shutter sensors and RGB-Ir.

Webcams for video chatting and conferencing were traditionally the only imaging application targeted to PCs and notebooks. As 2-in-1 notebook popularity grows, so does interest in camera capabilities.
Most 2-in-1 devices sport both rear- and front-facing cameras that are used for snapping selfies and other life-moment photos. This interest is inspiring a resurgence of cameras’ importance in PCs and notebooks. For these application, image quality and a compact form factor are critical.

As a market leader in image systems for PCs and notebooks, OmniVision continues to deliver advanced image-system solutions to meet the needs of the established, yet ever-transforming, PC and notebook market.