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Through major technological advancements in CMOS image sensors, driver assistance and safety-related imaging applications are becoming mainstream in today’s vehicles. These include camera-enabled systems for lane departure warning, rearview, 360-degree surround view and autonomous driving.

By 2018, the number of image sensors sold annually will exceed 100 million, which will be driven by rapid growth in application areas like rear- and surround-view camera systems, forward-facing machine vision, and mirror replacement.

OmniVision Technologies is the automotive industry’s leading supplier of CMOS imaging solutions for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). We have a proven track record of delivering innovative imaging solutions that meet and exceed the unique requirements of the automotive industry.

At the forefront of innovation and industry expertise, OmniVision’s rich portfolio of AutoVision solutions provides today’s automotive designers with the industry’s broadest selection of automotive-grade image sensors, evaluation kits and development platforms. OmniVision’s digital imaging solutions enable faster time-to-market and significant system cost reductions for both display-based and machine vision applications.

Commitment to Quality

When it comes to our AutoVision products, quality is paramount. OmniVision conducts the most rigorous testing procedures on each and every one of its sensors to ensure they meet the highest quality, performance and reliability standards. In addition, all OmniVision automotive products are submitted to full AEC-Q100 qualification.

The OmniVision automotive design team has placed strong emphasis on package and test engineering. OmniVision’s automotive components are designed specifically to ensure reliable operation in harsh environments —resisting extreme temperatures, vibration and humidity.

Proprietary Color High Dynamic Range Technology

OmniVision’s proprietary color high dynamic range (HDR) concept and processing technology enables its automotive sensors to deliver excellent scene reproduction in the most demanding lighting conditions, achieving dynamic range of up to 120dB in color and black and white. Additionally, our HDR sensors employ auto dynamic range control to rapidly adjust to changing lighting and scene conditions, producing a clear, detailed and low-noise color image in any automotive scene. This proprietary approach to generating HDR images also dramatically reduces or eliminates motion ghost artifacts and other unwanted effects, resulting in the industry’s leading-quality brand of automotive image sensors.

Industry-Leading Features to Support ISO 26262 (ASIL) Safety Standards

Many of OmniVision’s AutoVision sensors have integrated features to support different levels of ASIL compliance. Features such as embedded data and built-in temperature sensors deliver high-value information about data reliability to the system designer. OmniVision is the industry leader in features that help to ensure system confidence.

World's Smallest Automotive Package

OVT now offers its latest automotive sensors in its proprietary AutoVision chip-scale package (aCSP™), placing OVT at the forefront of packaging technology, including the industry’s smallest and most cost effective automotive package—up to 50 percent smaller than competing CMOS devices.

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    OmniVision is committed to reducing carbon footprint by incorporating green technologies into every aspect of design and manufacturing; in compliance with the European Union (EU) directive that bans lead (Pb) and other specified materials in electrical and electronic equipment, all OmniVision products are available in 100 percent lead-free packaging.
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