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OmniVision Enables Medical Technologies

OmniVision’s CMOS image sensor technology is enabling a host of new medical imaging applications to improve medical diagnostics and augment treatments that rely on high-quality digital imaging. OmniVision is at the forefront of developing the latest technologies for medical imaging applications, which range from small, disposable diagnostic cameras to smaller endoscopic tools and even prosthetic eyes. OmniVision’s ongoing innovations in digital imaging technology are enabling entirely new products for minimally invasive medical procedures, such as ultra-small, flexible and rigid scopes for a variety of medical applications in gastrointestinal, ENT and urology practices, among others.

Through continued pixel miniaturization and unsurpassed low-light performance, OmniVision enables real-world implementation of vision in medical devices. OmniVision’s OmniBSI™ pixel architectures and flagship PureCel™ image sensors enable significant improvements in quantum efficiency and reductions in cross talk. These advances allow medical device companies to develop small size, disposable endoscopes that improve patient comfort and enhance care providers’ ease of use while improving the overall diagnostic accuracy.

OmniVision’s portfolio of medical sensors deliver high-quality still and video images, and are fully customizable, allowing customers to develop solutions that address their specific imaging requirements.

Applications for OVT Medical Sensors

CMOS image sensors are seeing increased market acceptance for medical applications due to their many benefits over fiber-optic and CCD technologies. The CMOS production process enables the integration of all camera functions on a single chip, significantly reducing chip count, cost and board space. The relative simplicity of OmniVision’s CMOS image sensors allows for quick and easy application designs, enabling faster time-to-market for systems manufacturers. Overall, CMOS sensors also have relatively higher resolution than fiber-optical-bound endoscopes, resulting in higher image quality.

OmniVision's Ultra Small Medical Sensors

OmniVision's Medical Imaging Technologies

OmniVision has developed some of the world’s most advanced high-performance and ultra-compact imaging solutions by using its industry-leading pixel technologies. Each OmniVision image sensor offers an application-specific package tailored to address the very stringent and specific requirements of the medical device industry.

OmniVision’s proprietary OmniPixel3-HS™ technology has enabled the design of best-in-class low-light performance of 3300 mV/lux-second, which is a critical benefit for the low-light conditions often encountered in medical procedures. Similarly, OmniVision’s portfolio of back-side illumination sensors add even more benefits, such as a smaller form factor, higher resolution, and increased sensitivity and dynamic range.

OmniVision Delivers the Medical Industry’s Most Complete Product Offering

OmniVision offers the broadest portfolio of CMOS image sensors on the market, spanning resolutions from sub-VGA up to 16-megapixel. OmniVision’s CameraChip™ sensors also include a variety of functions and features, including monochrome and high dynamic range.

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    Filmmaker Rob Spence who lost his eye in an accident at age 13 has been working to develop a 'bionic eye' video camera implanted in a prosthetic eye. Rob and his team implemented the OV6920 due to its small size. In the long term, the company hopes that success with the eye camera could accelerate research into using the technology to restore vision to the blind. 
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