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OmniVision Is Driving Innovation in Notebooks and 2-in-1 PCs

Notebooks and 2-in-1 PCs are quickly expanding the boundaries of the screen and keyboard in an industry-wide shift towards more natural user interfaces. Features such as gesture control, face detection and eye tracking have seen tremendous interest by manufacturers as a result of consumer demand. These groundbreaking capabilities allow users to interact with notebooks and 2-in-1 PCs in ways that were previously unimaginable, and give rise to an entirely new era of personal computing.

OmniVision is at the leading edge of this technology, offering a range of sensors that deliver the high-performance imaging and computer vision capabilities our customers have come to expect.
User Interfaces

Innovative Solutions for New Applications

OmniVision’s RGB IR image sensors can capture high-resolution images and video as well as IR information. These sensors’ dual RGB and IR capabilities allow a host of additional features for mobile and machine vision applications, including gesture sensing, depth analysis, iris detection and eye tracking.

Global shutter sensors reduce or eliminate unwanted image artifacts, which occur with traditional rolling-shutter image sensors as a result of moving subjects during image capture. OmniVision’s global-shutter technology enables the highest-quality gesture detection, head and eye tracking, and depth and motion detection in notebook and PC applications.

OmniVision sensors also enable a host of power-saving features, such as light-sensing mode. In this mode, OmniVision’s global shutter sensors wake the computer from sleep mode only when a change in light has been detected. 

Industry Leading HD Portfolio for Video Conferencing

OmniVision offers a wide range of industry-leading digital imaging solutions for notebooks and 2-in-1 PCs that range from VGA resolution up to 10-megapixels and beyond. OmniVision's growing portfolio of image sensors equipped with high dynamic range (HDR) capabilities, further ensuring high-quality image and video capture even in the toughest lighting conditions.

High-quality video conferencing and recording capabilities have become all but standard requirements for webcams, notebooks and 2-in-1 PCs. As such, OmniVision's sensors are designed to pass stringent industry requirements such as the Skype® certification, ensuring compatibility across the most popular video conferencing services.

OmniVision’s advancements in pixel and image-processing technologies offer extremely attractive solutions in terms of price-to-performance ratio to customers in these specific application areas.

Clear Technology Leadership 

OmniVision delivers the industry’s strongest portfolio of image and gesture sensors for videoconferencing solutions, notebooks and 2-1 PCs, all of which offer industry-leading pixel technology in the world’s most innovative packaging solutions.

OmniVision’s leadership is based on its ability to:

  • Set the market trends with new technologies, including gesture control, face and eye tracking, and depth and motion detection 
  • Enable HD video communication in real-world, low-light environments 
  • Deliver cost-effective, cutting-edge solutions in a compact form factor 

OmniVision Addresses All Performance, Power, Price and Size Requirements

OmniVision offers a wide variety of solutions depending on the customer’s performance, price and size requirements. OmniVision demonstrates continued leadership for the notebooks and 2-in-1 PCs market by constantly bringing new, innovative solutions to suit the needs of highly specialized notebook and PC applications.

Strongest HD Portfolio

OmniVision is at the forefront of this emerging technology, offering a full range of 720p and 1080p HD sensors, as well as RGB IR and global shutter sensors for gesture recognition and eye tracking.

Low-Power Consumption

To ensure optimal battery performance for notebooks and 2-in-1 PCs, select OmniVision CameraChip™ sensors feature multiple low-power modes, including light sensing mode and ultra-low power standby mode.

Best-In-Class Pixel Performance

OmniVision’s PureCel™ product line of CMOS image sensors delivers best-in-class pixel performance, enabling the capture of extraordinarily detailed images and video even in challenging lighting conditions. PureCel image sensors use innovative proprietary packaging and pixel technology to deliver industry-leading photon conversion, full-well capacity and light sensitivity, while significantly reducing power consumption compared with previous generation image sensors. The result is dramatically enhanced image and video quality in both high- and low-light conditions.
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  • OmniVision' Partners with its Customers to Deliver Industry's Largest Portfolio
    OmniVision has the vision to anticipate upcoming market requirements and the capability to meet those needs by bringing enabling products to market quickly and working with its strategic partners to manufacture total system solutions. These strong customer and supply chain relationships offer customers faster time-to-market and improved cost efficiencies, contributing to the company's market leadership. Advantages include:
  • Time to Market - By having visibility into all aspects of the process, inefficiencies and contingencies are limited, thus reducing overall product development time.
  • Cost - Cost reduction is achieved through a reduction in the number of suppliers.
  • Performance - Developing the lens-in-lock step with the sensor delivers products that provide the right performance versus cost tradeoff for key customers and markets.