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The entertainment electronics industry is fast evolving, driven by the convergence of conventional consumer electronics and the many new features and functionalities made popular by portable and wireless electronics. From mobile Internet devices (MIDs) and portable media players (PMPs) to telepresence and interactive gaming systems, the possibility of incorporating high quality video communication and recording capabilities into entertainment devices is ready to take off. Driven by the YouTube and Facebook generation, high-quality video in entertainment electronics is quickly becoming the ‘must have’ feature.

With the industry’s broadest portfolio of native HD video sensors, OmniVision enables this rapidly growing new application space. Our line of video sensors offers best-in-class low-light performance, ultra-compact size, low stack height and industry-leading power efficiency to create unlimited possibilities for new entertainment applications that require cost-efficient, high-performance video.

OmniVision Delivers True, Native HD

OmniVision’s native HD offering is a critical enabler in the entertainment market space. Optimized for 1080p or 720p array sizes, the sensor design offers users many critical performance and cost advantages, including:

  • Native HD provides the best field of view, image quality, color reproduction and sharpness, because no scaling or cropping are required.
  • Native HD design ensures the lowest-possible power consumption because no additional pixels are needed to generate HD resolution through scaling or cropping.
  • Native HD is highly cost efficient, offering designers the ideal solution to support any price-sensitive video-centric market. OmniVision HD sensors meet or exceed the performance requirements of more expensive, higher resolution sensors.

OmniVision’s Market-Leading Technologies

OmniVision continues to invest in advancing its CMOS image sensor technology as well as other critical components in the image pipeline to enhance the capabilities of its products. Two of the key enabling technologies contributing to OmniVision’s industry-leading performance are its OmniPixel3-HSTM and OmniBSITM pixel architectures.

OmniPixel3-HS delivers the industry’s leading front-side illumination (FSI) technology with demonstrated superior low-light sensitivity ranging from 960 up to 6,800 mV/lux-sec for entertainment applications. OmniVision’s HD sensors are highly effective in the widest range of lighting conditions (e.g., 30 fps HD video at 20 lux).

OmniBSI is the market leader of backside illumination pixel architectures which allows OmniVision to further shrink pixels without sacrificing performance, enabling higher resolutions and more compact designs. OmniBSI has demonstrated a 50 percent increase in sensitivity and quantum efficiency relative to front-side illumination technologies, while also reducing crosstalk to achieve sharper images and better color reproduction.

A Trusted Partner

As manufacturers are constantly evaluating their customer demands for features like high speed and streaming video, and working to identify product requirements, OmniVision will be there as a trusted partner. The company brings an unmatched ability to customize sensors for individual markets and applications and has the broadest portfolio of HD CMOS image sensors sampling and in mass production today. OmniVision brings the expertise and imaging technologies that will be required as the entertainment landscape continues to take shape now and in the future.

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